From the Mouth of a Babe

My daughter is the funniest person I have ever known. Never in my life have I found comedy on tap like this.
There are moments where I want to laugh at her but she is doing something that is not okay so I can’t laugh. Every mom I know says that these moments are really hard because keeping an angry face in place while your kid is screwing up in the most humorous ways is next to impossible.
Then there are the moments where you can laugh; and I mean a really good belly laugh! People are always saying, “You can’t make this stuff up!” and if they are referring to children, I’ll agree every time! hahaha

Perfect Example:
There is a new-ish movie out called Storks and it is an adorable movie. The storks have gotten out of the baby delivering business but something has gone wrong and there is a baby in the factory that needs to get to her family. My daughter loves this movie and has watched it quite a few times. HOWEVER, she also has baby fever worse than I do and is begging Husband and I to bring a new baby into her life. If only she knew how much this is not going to make her life better. She thinks that because she has a baby cousin that she gets to help babysit that it must mean that life with a baby (sister, preferably) is going to be great. She will learn soon enough……
Back to the funny story. In the movie there is a little boy who is just like my daughter; he desperately wants a baby brother. He writes a letter to the storks and ends up doing a lot of crazy things to get his parents on board with the baby idea. Luckily my little one was satisfied with writing a letter. A letter that I not only had to put in the mailbox, but after my mom pointed out to my offspring that the mail carrier didn’t take the letter, I had to put an actual stamp on this letter and send it to the post office. Thank you crazy daughter!

Time to run! I’ve got a doctor’s appointment in thirty minutes…



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