Just Like the Very First Time

Do you want to hear something crazy? This is the very first blog that I have ever written. I’ve toyed with the idea a million times and never did it. I really think that no one cares what I have to say or about what I think. But then my husband helps me get my toe back into my sock through the hole…and I realise it’s the small things that really count. It doesn’t matter if anyone wants to read what I write. I don’t care if no one reads it! What matters is that I want to write it.

I have wanted to be some type of writer since high school. My first dream was to be a journalist and my favorite lesson I learned from that period was to make a habit of not starting sentences with the word “I”. From there I moved onto the dream of writing a book and I’ve been dreaming ever since. One day I will write that book! I just need to stay focused that long….


This is where I mention that I have a newfound love for cows! Some (Mund) may push it off as an infatuation but I know it runs deeper than that. The day my husband tells me that we can buy a cow is going to be the best day ever!

On the home page I mentioned that my family and I are in the middle of a lot of different transitions.
We are currently focusing on the purchase of our own home! This is such an excitingly stressful time! We are early on in the process however and are seeking professional assistance. Personally I feel like this is the smartest decision.
We are also trying to increase the number of people in our little family; start making it the big family we dream of. Someone asked me the other day if we have considered having tests done because we’ve been trying for so long, in her opinion. I told her that we aren’t trying with any urgency, but we aren’t preventing it from happening either. We figure God will provide us with everything in due time so why rush everything at once?
Lastly I mentioned that we are starting a homestead. Officially when we move, but I’ve read in a few different places that you need to start off slow. One place even said specifically that if you want to start one when you move somewhere more suitable than they advise you to start before you move. Plant seeds that you can replant later, start exercising so that it’s not so physically demanding, and do as much reading as possible (maybe even join a discussion forum). Husband has been reading so much I have gone insane. He just finished a 45 page chapter about chickens {When I told my sister this she informed me that there are Poultry majors at Universities and entire classes dedicated to chickens.} HOW CAN THERE BE SO MUCH TO KNOW ABOUT CHICKENS?????? I can’t wait for the cow chapter!! All in due course..

Unfortunately I am running out of stuff to talk about as I wind down and get ready for bed. After all, it is just after 3a. Lying here next to Husband while FRIENDS plays in the background. This is actually amazing because somehow I married a man that hates my very favorite show ever!! Oh no, now I’m talking about FRIENDS…I’ll talk about these guys for days. I have even gotten a few of my real life friends hooked on the show. haha

I’m going to stop myself before I get started so I can go to sleep in Husband’s arms! Goodnight to anyone out there.



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