Is Adultiest Even A Word?

Buying a house may be one of the hardest, most adultiest things I have ever done. Although he hasn’t said it in those words, I’m sure Husband would completely agree. He would probably add stressful and expensive to the list of adjectives to describe home buying, but I like my own words.

We have officially decided to go with buying a nice parcel of a fair amount of acreage for our future homestead and putting a pre-built home on that land until we can build a bigger home; or potentially move away. Life can bring so many twists and turns so you never know what might happen. Personally, I am always looking for ways for my family to grow in whatever direction that may be.

There are so many different things to think about when it comes to finding a home that you think that you will be happy in for the next five to ten, maybe even fifteen, years. Even then, you need to make sure that the price of the house fits into your budget with the price of the land that you want. But what if you find the land after you find the house? Did you think about how the cost of the house doesn’t include everything; there are also the prices of putting the house on a foundation, clearing the land if it’s necessary, the driveway to your new home, tests done to the land to see if you can put the house on the land, a well if you live out of city limits, a sewer needs to be put in and there are tests that need to be done so you know if the land will be able to withstand a house with the amount of bedrooms you want. All of these expenses have to fit into the budget that the bank has given you.

There are so many things that we are never told about processes that we are going to go through as an adult. I fully intend to teach my children the basic skills they need to get through adulthood without feeling like they are lost in a sea of people that aren’t telling them everything they need to know about the process. This entire time I’ve had the feeling that everyone we talk to is telling us something that we should have heard from the previous person and that I still don’t know everything I need to know. Although I do feel that Husband has a better grasp on things. Such an assuring feeling knowing how far we are into this process already.

Husband and I were driving down the road a day or two ago and he says to me that people have told him that you don’t stop stressing about this process until the day you move into the house. Although I believe that to be true, I pray that it isn’t that intense! Husband stresses so much that he worries me. Of course, he doesn’t think it’s cause for concern….it is the one thing that he doesn’t worry about…

What I do know is that we are very close to making big moves towards owning not only our first home, together or apart, but also owning a nice amount of land to build and grow our home and family. Husband and I have been dreaming of this day for so long, and even though the process does have some length to it, we are so excited to get this ball rolling. Personally, I am hoping for a quick roll down a steep hill!

What happens when we finally move is what I can’t wait for!

I just need to learn how to sleep at night before I start a farm. hahaha

On that note, I am calling it a night and saying that it is past my bedtime! Night all!



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