Let’s Dance in the Rain!

There are people in this world who just don’t like rain. I don’t understand these people. Rain has always been so refreshing to me; almost like it renews everything. There are even cultures that believe rain is a sign of good luck or fortune.

Thinking about starting a homestead is only making me see that rain is a provider of good things. Right now, we are in the nail biting stage of buying a house where we don’t know for sure if this is going to happen. Our bank can change their minds; which I, personally, don’t think is going to happen; or the people we want to buy the land from could change their minds and everything will go up in smoke… In that case, we have a different plan that we will put into action. Out of my choices, I would rather buy this house and start this new chapter, and lifestyle, than go with the back-up plan at this moment in our lives. Anybody who has known me in the last five years, probably more than that, will tell you that this is a surprise since the back-up plan involves running…but I can’t wait to start building up our future. The back-up plan may include running, but there is a period of more waiting before that happens.

I HATE waiting. It is the worst thing ever! Even Dr. Seuss talks about the Waiting Place, how awful it is and how you don’t want to be stuck there. I am not getting stuck there! My family and I are going to move mountains! After all, that’s the point of this whole thing; right? To make momentous moves towards building an ‘empire’ for our children? Just about every parent since the beginning of time has said that all they wanted was to give their kids what they never had; Husband and I are no different.

These days it feels like people say that, then give their children all these devices that kill their attention spans and imaginations. They say that, then take away responsibilities and necessary “hardships” that children need to teach them discipline and respect. Daughter is just over five years old and I have tried so hard but she is still so disrespectful. I wonder if the homestead lifestyle with structure and chores, plus her starting school, will help her. Probably not… She’ll be the asshole I was until she gets older and sees the error of her ways, just like I did. There is a good chance that I am turning her into me, and I don’t see that as a good thing. Maybe it will help her to realize how cool I am early on in life…that will help her out a lot. Otherwise she’s going to be very embarrassed by her mum.

Over all, I feel that this next step is going to be extremely refreshing for us all! Husband and I are not exempt from those who spend too much time on our devices or from choosing to be lazy with our spare time instead of being productive. Now that we will be buying our own land, there will be no excuse of why we are not doing something that will improve our home or lives. Having a homestead, to us, means that we will be growing our own fresh foods and raising our own organically fed animals. We will be able to say what exactly we are putting into our bodies (on the days we are splurging…lol).

I can’t help that I’ve gotten so excited about this house and land! There are going to be so many new experiences that come with it and I can’t wait to grow that life with Husband and any children that we may be blessed with over the years. We have been on needles the last few days because we are hoping to hear from the bank by the end of the week. Rain has been pouring down for two days now and there may be more to come. Maybe this rain is the good omen we need. Husband wants to drive out there tonight when he gets home from work to see how the creek looks. That is why I love that man!!

Well, I gotta go take a rainy drive to look at a creek…



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